Significance of recent Turkish threats

Significance of recent Turkish threats

Recent Turkish threats come to launch a large-scale military operation in north and east Syria within the framework of a long-term Turkish strategy, and are based on crushing any democratic project that contradicts its policies, especially in light of the approaching of the 100th anniversary of Treaty of Lausanne, without recognizing it because it signed the treaty under British pressure.

Based on the above, Turkey’s Erdogan is working to create a black terrorist belt of militants and terrorists from the remnants of the terrorist groups that fought in Syria through gathering them in the Kurdish areas in northern Syria after it forcibly displaced the original inhabitants and started building settlements for the families of the terrorists.

After three occupying military operations in northern Syria, Turkey is now trying to expand its occupation of northern Syria, because it is in the process of achieving two things: the first is to continue building settlements and consolidate the foundations of demographic change, and the second is its attempts to persuade its allies and Arab countries to provide support for the Syrians in the areas it occupies.

Despite the international balance in the Syrian issue that impedes launching military operations and the presence of consensus on the map of the current areas of influence, the Turkish genocidal regime seeks to bypass all of that and impose its policies on the international community.

However, the tone of Turkish threats receded which means that there are some parties which object and stand as a stumbling block in front of Turkey’s goals, the most important of which is the international crisis after the Russian intervention in Ukraine, and as mentioned above, the balance in the Syrian issue.

Turkey realizes that it cannot carry out any attack without obtaining international green light, but it has several goals:

First, promoting a military operation in northern Syria to know the reactions and attitudes.

Second, attempts to impose its conditions on the international community, with a view to legitimizing and consolidating the pillars of its occupation of the areas it controls in the event that it is unable to occupy more areas.

Third, passing the settlement project and obtaining economic and political support for the sustainable establishment of the black belt.

All the aforementioned facts are a product of the ongoing interactions in the Syrian crisis, which Turkey is trying to take advantage of and use it to serve its new and old projects and ambitions in the region, that is to revive Misak-ı Millî, is a charter that guarantees Turkey’s hegemony over the entire northern Syria, all the way to Mosul in Iraq.

Undoubtedly, the international reality in the 1920s is different from the current one, because of the presence of the US as a global hegemony, the rise of Russia with the desire to acquire a share of that hegemony, and the emergence of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) which consists of all communities of the region and fought terrorism on behalf of the whole world and which is a main obstacle to the Turkish projects. So, not everything Turkey desires will happen. There is a solidarity from all communities against Turkish intentions that stand united by the SDF and that will curb the endeavors of Erdogan.

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