28.02.2018 – Bombardment over Mirkan Village, Mabata

Since 20.01.2018, it has been 4 days and the scenario of Turkish occupant army on Afrin continuous, and cause death of civilians and destroying of their properties by targeting them with air attacks and bombs of the Turkish army.

In 28th February 2018, Turkish occupant army targeted Mirkan village in Mabata shire in Afrin by 6 random bombs, in the result 3 civilians injured and one of them died, in addition to big damage in civilians properties.

The names of injured and died civilians:

  1. Fahema Ahmad Mustafa, from Mirkan village, injured in his leg.
  2. Juan Muhamed Abden Omar, from Mirkan village in Mabata shire.

In addition to other injured during the bombardment on the village.

Mirkan village now is containing thousands of forcibly refugees from bordering villages which have been occupied by Turkish army, and this random targeting will forcing the residents of village to flee to save their lives if the Turkish army don’t stop committed genocides on civilians and targeting them with direct and random bombardment.

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