26.01.2018 – Massacre of Mabata

In 26 January 2018 Mabata also as many areas and villages in Afrin city was the target of bombardment of Turkish warplanes.

In the result of this bombardment, Arab Family which refuge from Til Qirah to Afrin for 5 years be the target of harsh Turkish planes.
The family was consist of 7 people, 6 of them died their names are:

  • Taha Mustafa Al-Khatir , the father, 45 years old
  • Amina Mustafa Al-Khatir, the mother, 40 years old
  • Mustafa Taha Al-Khatir, 17 years old
  • Suleman Taha Al-Khatir, 14 years old
  • Zakiya Taha Al-Khatir, 15 years old
  • Yusra Taha Al-Khatir, 9 years old

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