23.01.2018 – Armenian massacre

Armenian family which known as Konis, has lived in Rajo Afrin for several years be the target of Turkish planes.

In 23 of January 2018, Armenian family with seven members was targetted near Hasharka bridge.

When the house was attacked, there were 3 people of the family there and the rest 4 are now out of Afrin.
Some of family’s relatives still live in the center of Afrin until now.

People targetted:

  1. Shamsa Konis, 57 years old (the mother)
  2. Rosher Konis, 18 years old (the son)
  3. Hanifa Konis, 16 years old (the daughter)

The mother Shamsa and her son Rosher died after their heavy injures, also her daughter Hanifa (injured in her left leg) was in risk because there wasn’t enough medicines, she has taken to Aleppo hospital.

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