20.01.2018 – Cilbir’s massacre

On 20 January 2018, the Turkish Army attacked the village of Cilbir, Sherawa.

Turkish occupant planes targeted domestic center of hens, where refuggee’s Arab family was live there and they all be victims of this harsh attack.

Al- Hussein family which consist of 8 people who had taken refugee been refuged in Afrin several years ago, they all died in this attack.
Their names are:

  1. Rahaf Al-Hussein, 33 years old
  2. Wail Al-Hussein, 1 years old
  3. Hadil Al-Hussein, 10 years old
  4. Xaliya Al-Hussein, 8 years old
  5. Salma Al-Hussein, 6 years old
  6. Musaab Al-Hussein, 6 years old
  7. Ahmad Al-Hussein, 17 years old
  8. Unknown, 30 years old Victims

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