05.03.2018 – Bombardment over Kharatapa village

The occupant Turkish army is continuing its exterminated operations against civilians in Afrin region, and committing the worst genocides, mostly its sacrifices are children, women and civilians.

In 5th March 2018, the occupant Turkish army committed genocide by air attacks on Kharatapa village in Shara shire, and bombs civilians homes in the village and many of them have injured and died.

Names of injured and died civilians:

  • Aslan Aslan, from Kharatapa village, injured in his right hand.
  • Hussein Muhammed Shekho, 60 years old, from Kharatapa village, injured in below of his back.
  • Ramziya Abdulrahman, 50 years old, from Kharatapa village, died in the bombardment.
  • Nabi Ismayil Shekho, 61 years old, from Kharatapa village, his right hand amputate.

The occupant Turkish state randomly and daily bombs the villages to exterminate civilians and make others afraid to flee from their villages, all these by the name of fight terrorism.

The Turkish war machine never stop fighting civilians in Afrin and all the international and humanitarian organization don’t pay any attention with blind eye on the worst crimes are committed by the occupant Turkish state in Afrin the small region. Every day the Afrinian scene hardly increase without any international move to stop this bloody scene.

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