03.03.2018 – Indiscrimate bormbardment

Civilians in Afrin were subjected to indiscriminate bombardment by the Turkish war machine.

The Turkish occupation army continues to use all kinds of heavy weapons and aircrafts in the extermination of peoples and other components located in Afrin and its surroundings. Every day and Afrin witnesses various cases of wounded and dead civilians of indiscriminate shelling by the Turkish occupation army on the villages and areas of Afrin.

Cases of wounded who were shelled:

Area of Mabata:

At 12:00 pm on 03-03-2018, the Turkish occupation army targeted the center of the area of Mabata, after air strikes that resulted in the injury of civilians on the street during the targeting. Their names are as follows:

  • Mustafa Ahmed Ibrahim, aged 60, wounded by shrapnel in the left thigh.
  • Shiraz al-Din Khalil, aged 48, was seriously injured in the head and she is in intensive care.
  • Rashid Hamid Mousa, aged 29, wounded by shrapnel to the lower limbs of the leg.
The village of Chobana in area of Rajo

At 1:30 pm on Saturday, 3-3-2018, the Turkish occupation army, targeted the safe village of Chobana in Rajo district, following raids which resulted in the injury of civilians Seydo Shukry Abdo from the village of Chobana, aged 65, with shrapnel in the right hand.

The village of Midanky in the area of Sharra:

The Turkish occupation army targeted the village of Midanky with missiles, which resulted in the demolition of empty houses, but the civilian Amina Ahmed, 50 years old, suffered from nervous spasm and lost conscious after seeing her destroyed house in the village.

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